Tips for Sleeping Bag Purchasing

The sleeping bag is a very important accessory for people who like camping. This article introduces some tips about how to choose a good sleeping bag.

If you are a fan of some outdoor sports such as hiking and mountain climbing, then the sleeping bag is very essential equipment for you. Sleeping outside, the sleeping bag can be very a comfortable bed for you. And the using method is very easy, you just need to lay it on the ground and get inside. As the bag is so important to the whole camping, then you can never be careless when you are choosing it. Here are some tips for you to take into consideration before choosing the bags.

First of all, before you go to the shop, you must check your condition and needs. Such as the weather, quality, material, shape, size, portability, and so on. Knowing all conditions you need before purchasing will reduce your time when you are in the shop.

Weather Climate

Before starting out, you should consider the weather. Whether the climate is cold or hot during the period you are using your sleeping bag. This question is very important because it determines how comfortable when you are sleeping in it. Ask yourself if your sleeping warm enough to keep you on cold days. Then it is the climate. Climate can affect the care you are giving sleeping bags, especially on summer days. Your sleeping bag would be dampened and damaged by excessive sweating if the bag insulation does not suit the weather. As a result, the one which is breathable can be the first choice.

Quality Material

The next to consider is the quality and material of the sleeping bag. Generally, the temperature of a sleeping bag is depended on the insulating pads is made with. Among all materials, foam core pads are the warmest. It is warmer and thicker than air core pads. If you decide to climb mountains in winter, then the closed-cell foam pads can keep you warm in that condition. If you are backpacking in the northwest then expect wet conditions. Do not pick sleeping bags with down fill as it loses much of its insulating capability when wet. Choose light down sleeping bags only if you are traveling southwest where the conditions are desert dry. Choose those with synthetic fill for wet conditions.

Shape & Size

For people who are claustrophobic, mummy sleeping bags are not advised. They can choose a shape like semi-rectangular. To size, you should find the proper one that you can fit in perfectly with the hood closed for comfort. Remember comfort should be put in the first place always.

Besides the tips above, there must have many other aspects when you are purchasing the sleeping bag. All in all, hoping people can find the one for themselves.

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